Red Hair

20 Jun

Date of harassment: 6/15/2011
Time of harassment: around 12:30pm
Location of harassment: 5th & Craycroft

“I was sitting at a bus stop when a man with red hair, and a few decaying teeth, sat down next to me. He started with simple greetings and asked me how I was. I answered and looked away. He proceeded to stare at me as I edged further and further away. After a long silence he said, “Hey, so, you’re really pretty… what’s your name?” I answered and he continued, “How old are you?” I, again, answered. He then said that I looked about twenty years older then I actually was. I stopped talking to him for a while but he continued to start conversations. He told me that he didn’t mean to offend me and that he knew it wasn’t considered socially acceptable for older men to compliment younger girls, but, for whatever reason, he felt the need to do so. He was then fo! rced to stop talking to me when a blind woman and her son sat down with us. As he saw the bus approaching he tried to talk to me again, asking if there was a number he could call me at. I answered with no. After that he got on the bus and left.”

-Female, 14, shared her story


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