Threats outside Congress

25 Jul

Date: 4/4/2011
Time: Late night
Location: E Congress and Toole

“My girlfriend and I were coming out of Congress and we had been drinking and having fun with friends and dancing our asses off. It was a great night. And then right outside on the sidewalk this big guy starting yelling at us. We were holding hands, and he started telling my girlfriend all of this really graphic stuff about what he wanted to do to her, and that he was going to “turn her straight nice and rough” really REALLY graphic. At first we ignored him but he kept going just yelling louder trying to get our attention. Then he started following us a little so I went back and yelled at him, told him to shut up and he couldn’t say that kind of stuff to people. He said he was going to break me and “break into” my girlfriend. He acted like he was going to hit me so we ran. The worst part is that there were lots and lots of people around but no one did or said anything or even called the cops or anything.” 22 Year old, Female, Bisexual


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