#3 bus, Phoenix

2 Aug

Date: 6/16/11
Time: 2:30pm (approx)
Location: #3 bus headed eastbound just before the 1st ave and van buren stop

“a mentally ill, homeless womyn was on the bus just minding her own business. she seemed really sweet too. after she left, these two grrrls of color sat by me and yelled to each other about how bad she smelled. they seemed to be around my age. all i said was, “well, to be fair, if you were homeless, you’d probably smell too.” i was being serious, but my tone was friendly. they then started yelling at me saying i didn’t know anything and whatnot. i told them they were being rude and lacked compassion. it turned into a yelling match between the two of them and my calm self (i hardly said anything). they repeatedly called me a faggot and a pussy. i said i’m not gay. they threatened to steal the belongings i had on my person that made me gay (like my sunglasses and whatnot). one was leaning in my face and yelling at me to not talk to her.. while i was not talking. they spoke about me to one another and their plans to physically assault. the second grrrl got up and sprayed a bunch of her perfume on me in the middle of all of this. they followed me out of the bus and trapped me in between the two of them before exiting. they continued to yell homophobic slurs at me as i walked away to the lightrail (which is like a cable car) and went on their merry way.”
– 21 year old, self-identified genderqueer trans-guy


One Response to “#3 bus, Phoenix”

  1. Rowan Frost August 3, 2011 at 12:13 PM #

    Thank you so much for having the courage to stand up for a stranger. I’m pretty horrified that the bus driver didn’t do anything to stop the attack on you. I wonder if it’s worth letting the bus company know?

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