“I’ve been watching you for a while…”

29 Aug

Date: 8/28/2011
Time: around 1pm
Location: Grant and Campbell

“I was standing outside of Bookmans looking for my keys in my bag when this guy came up behind me and said “hey. I’ve been watching you for a while and I wanted to let you know that you are looking good.” I said hi and kept looking for my keys and he got closer and kept talking to me. I walked to my car and he followed me and said not to run away he was just trying to compliment me. He asked where I live and how old I was. I told him and he said age was just a number. He kept talking and I ignored him I felt really gross and got in my car and drove away.”

– 16 year old, self-identified bisexual female


2 Responses to ““I’ve been watching you for a while…””

  1. Rowan Frost August 29, 2011 at 2:19 PM #

    I’m pissed that someone felt like he could say anything he wanted to you.

  2. Christine August 31, 2011 at 9:17 AM #

    I’ve noticed that that Bookmans location seems to be a pretty big “creeper place” — I’ve had similar comments made in the area back when I used to frequent there, 1-2 years ago. This really bothers me — we’re all taught that ignoring a person is the best way we have to get rid of them, and the people perpetuating this street harassment need to realize that if a person isn’t responding, they don’t want the attention!

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