“I’d rather be complimented on who I am rather than on my appearance”

18 Nov

“When you walk down the street you usually wouldn’t expect to get yelled at. Being cat-called, either. While some people say that it’s complimenting some people don’t like being bombarded with rude or vulgar comments about their body or dress.

Personally, I HATE being cat-called. To me, it means all I am is just another piece of ass to everyone. I’d rather be complimented on who I am rather than my appearance. I see myself as male, so when men say things like ‘hey, hottie’ and ‘nice ass,’ they aren’t commenting on ME. They’re going off of looks, and they aren’t even looks I want. So, if you see someone cat-calling, point out that it’s more harmful than they intend.”

– Hunter D., 15, female-to-male transgendered.

We wanted to feature and highlight our first guest blog post of the week and give a big shout out to Hunter, the youth author of this guest post! SAFE STREETS AZ is about your voice, and getting the call to end public harassment heard. Be the next guest blogger by submitting your post to safestreetsaz@gmail.com. Submissions should be no more than 350 words, but please feel free to include art or graphics that you have created (your original work only, folks – it’s about your voice!).

You can also call out harassment & help us to gather information about street and public harassment by SHARING YOUR STORY.


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