“I’m dreaming of a world free from street harassment”

21 Dec

Whatever the season, helping to put an end to street and public harassment is the gift that keeps on giving.
By making public spaces safer for youth, lgbtq-identified individuals, women, and all community members, you can change the world.

Calling out harassment + supporting survivors = safer, more welcoming public spaces= greater freedom of movement 
 = increased respect for individuals 
  = more people empowered to call out other forms of harassment
     and sexual violence 

   = more people working together to prevent harassment, violence and
abuse before it ever starts 
    = greater safety, respect and consideration for others 
     = a better world.


And it starts with you.

You can help end street harassment and start creating a better world by:

     1. Sharing your story. Stories = community + info = more funding + greater
         awareness… So, we’re not going to do more math, but you get the idea.  
         Your story and your voice are powerful.

     2. Calling out street harassment when you see or hear it, including
         calling out attitudes that excuse, promote, or justify harassment, or other
         forms of sexual or gender-based violence.

     3. Donating to organizations working to end street harassment. Here are
         just a few: 
         –The Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault (SACASA) 
           Safe Streets AZ is a program of SACASA 
         – Stop Street Harassment
           It’s not just money: you can also donate your time & energy.

     4. Supporting people who are being harassed or are experiencing gender
         -based violence, and letting them know that they are not alone.
         Click here for some ideas and resources.

     5. Empowering others to do the same! Share this to your social
         networks, and encourage others to help change the world by ending
         street harassment.


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