Our pledge to you (yes, you)

6 Jan

Close your eyes for a minute, and picture a world free from street harassment.

People of all ages, genders, sexes, and sexual orientations walking down streets, riding public transportation, and hanging out in public spaces, and no-one harasses them. Cat calls, slurs, stalking, and all of the other obnoxious/scary/threatening/unwelcome/etc behaviors are things of the past.

What does that world look like for you?

We would like to help you make that world a reality. As we start a new year, we are going to set the tone by making a few resolutions of our own.

In 2012, we pledge to:

  • Add more Safe Sites, so that anyone being harassed can find safety and support online as well as in physical spaces.

  • Gather more of your stories, and your voices to share – we plan to spread the word about SAFE STREETS AZ throughout Southern Arizona.

  • Take part in the 1st International Stop Street Harassment Week

  • Blog more!


How will ending street harassment feature on your list?

If you would like some ideas to get you started on your list, check out the GET INVOLVED page for opportunities to get involved, and more on the kinds of action being taken across the world to help end street harassment.

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