From Jezebel: “Guys Explain The Common Cat Call”

30 Jan

When we read this, we just had to share it: from Jezebel.

Support services, intervention strategies, and the ways in which we respond to sexual and gender-based violence are crucial. But we should also always be asking, “Why do people commit street harassment/sexual assault/hate crimes/abuse/etc in the first place?” and “Why does it continue?” and –possibly most importantly– “how do we move towards a culture that doesn’t excuse or perpetutate these behaviors?”

This article by Anna North and the GuySourcing panel hints at the roots and reasoning of, and reactions towards, guys who cat call as told by other guys.

Click here (or the image) to read more!

We would love to hear from you, too – what’s your response to the question: “How do you feel about men who catcall at women? Have you ever done it? If so, why?”
We’d also like to know, how does sexual orientation play into catcalling? (for people that harass, and for those who have been harassed).

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