International Women’s Day – Today and Every Day

8 Mar

Join Safe Streets AZ and SACASA in celebrating women and all who support them, today and every day.


The first International Women’s Day took place on March 18th, 1911, in four European countries with approximately one million participants. In the 1920s, movements like the Anti-Flirt Club spread awareness about street harassment through IWD events (although this group focused mainly on how not to get harassed).

IWD has been used as a platform to educate and engage communities on issues from healthcare access, labor rights, and race and pay disparities, to preventing sexual violence, trans-womens’ rights, and education reform.

Join us in using International Women’s Day (and every day – there are 365 others this year!) to celebrate women’s many political, social, scientific, cultural, and economic contributions past and present. It’s also a time to reflect on & take action against the many disparities that still exist, while encouraging others to do the same.

You can continue to make history by taking part in the first International Anti-Street Harassment Week, this March 18-24, 2012, and by working to ensure that all individuals are treated with dignity, respect, recognition, and consideration.



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