“I’m not asking for it”

20 Apr

Skirt created by K.M., organizer for live Denim Day event on 4th Avenue Tucson AZ, 4/20/12

This is a skirt.

It can not and does not “ask” for its wearer to be harassed, cat-called, followed, intimidated, or called names.

It is not and can not be a cause, excuse, or justification for physical or sexual violence of any kind.

It is just a skirt.

Clothing, sexual orientation, race, sexuality, background, gender, or physical appearance, are never requests or justification for harassment.

This is a reminder that people choose to harm or harass other people, and harassment in violence in any space should never be accepted or tolerated.

April 25th, 2012 is Denim Day — a day to take action against all forms of sexual violence and change the way people think about and respond to sexual violence.

Click here to learn more about the amazing Denim Day event going on TONIGHT, on 4th Avenue in Tucson, AZ.

This skirt was created by the organizer of a live art and denim Denim Day event, featuring local artists creating and show-casing art against sexual violence. Using live models and the sidewalk for their runway, the event (tonight, April 20th) aims to raise awareness about the myths surrounding sexual violence.


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