“I asked him several times “can I help you?” – Street harassment at Safeway

15 May

“For months an employee at this Safeway has been harassing me and making me really uncomfortable. His name is Shane, and he supervises the self-checkout registers practically every time im there. He always makes comments about my clothes, my hair, and what im buying (I bet that bodywash smells great on you, thats a great shirt,). He always stands really close, too, directly behind me for the ENTIRE TIME while I am checking out. I asked him several times “can I help you?” and why he is standing so close to me and he always tells me that he is just doing his job. On friday I finally did something about it, I talked to his manager AND sent an e-mail to the corporate office to complain about him. I was really nervous about it b/c it’s awkward to talk to someone’s boss about them harassing you, but I did it. I got an e-mail back from the corporate office yesterday saying that they are going to talk to the General Manager to look into it further. I don’t know if this counts as street harassment because it’s in a store, but I’m glad I said something.” -Anonymous female

Date: 5/10/12
Location: Safeway on Broadway
Time: afternoon


One Response to ““I asked him several times “can I help you?” – Street harassment at Safeway”

  1. Rowan Frost May 16, 2012 at 10:25 AM #

    I think any reasonable person would consider that harassment in a public space. He’s taking advantage of his position. I’m glad that you found a way to challenge the behavior that felt safe to you. I’d be really surprised if he’s not harassing a lot of people; by speaking out, you helped them, too.

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