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Say What? Photobooth event in Tucson calls out cat calls and other crimes

14 Aug

Tomorrow, join Safe Streets AZ in calling out cat calls and other crimes with our first (of many!)  photobooths.

Create hand-held speech bubbles and strike a pose to let the world know what you think about street harassment!

 Use fun props and bring your friends for this photobooth event taking place this Thursday, August 16th, at Revolutionary Grounds 606 N 4th Avenue, 5:30pm – 7pm.

Support a local business and make a statement with a photo speech bubble that says it all.

  Don’t live in Tucson, AZ? Make your own speech bubble using one of these stencils, snap a photo, and send it in!*  We’ll be featuring our favorites on Facebook and the blog next week.

Been cat called, followed, or otherwise harassed on the street? With our Submission Station, you and your friends will be able to share your story at the Photobooth event.

For more details and to RSVP, check out our Facebook event.

*Participants will be required to sign and return a photo release granting the Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault, it’s program Safe Streets AZ, and parent organization Arizona’s Children Association permission to use and to publicize the photo.

Anti-Street Harassment Narwhal says…

20 Jul

Anti-Street Harassment Narwhal is back with this reminder!
Street harassment isn’t limited to sexual and gender-based cat calls, threats, and intimidation. Bias-based harassment in public spaces –harassment motivated by perceived or actual… race, age, size, class, etc– is street harassment too. Bottom line: name-calling, throwing comments out on someone’s appearance, threatening to do something to someone, following/touching/grabbing/groping/making violent or sexual gestures at/throwing things at someone for any reason is street harassment.
Been harassed? Anti-Street Harassment narwhal says Share your story”

Street harassment raining on your parade?

26 Jun




June is Pride Month, and we want you to do your part to make this month (and every month) harassment-free. Unfortunately, many LGBTQ community members are singled out to be harassed in public spaces on the basis of their actual or perceived sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender.

Like you, we know that there is no excuse for harassment. Help send the message that everyone has the right to move about on streets and in public spaces as they please, without the threat or possibility of harassment. You can do this by taking two minutes to share your street harassment story, and by supporting programs that promote respect, acceptance, and visibility.

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