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Your street harassment stories: “…pulled up in a truck, blocking my way”

8 Aug

Friday, August 3rd, 2012, 2:15pm: “It was at 9th St. and 3rd Avenue and it was a gentleman who pulled up in a truck, blocking my way, and he started calling me all sorts of things including, like, faggot and things like that. I continued to walk, and as I continued to walk he eventually sped off, so that was the extent of the harassment. About me, I’m 24, gender queer, and my sexual orientation I identify as queer.” 

Location: 9th St & 3rd Avenue, Tucson, AZ
*transcribed from Google Voicemail

Your street harassment stories: “I definitely didn’t do anything to provoke it, nothing.”

10 Jul

7/6/12, 7:30pm, Laos Transit Center Tucson AZ: “My name is Sarah and this was about a half an hour ago, it’s 7/6/2012. I was at the Laos Center waiting for my bus to leave, the number 16, and I was walking to the bus from the number 3 and these three men, these young punk types, were sitting in the chair and they were talking about me, like egging their friend on about banging me and doing me, but that I’m overweight so he’d have to use all of his strength. And he kept saying “aw hell no, hell no, definitely not” and I heard them talking about and I definitely didn’t do anything to provoke it, nothing. Like, I was going home from work and it was very upsetting for me and there’s nothing that can be done about this, and people can just say what they want and you can’t do anything about it. I didn’t know if I should say something. Normally I’m the type of person that would say something but I wasn’t a hundred percent sure that they were talking about me or they were talking about someone they knew, but it was as I was walking up and there were no other females around so I can only assume that they were talking about me. And then as I sat down behind them, I heard them talking about other people as they were walking by too. *” – Sarah

*Sarah’s story is transcribed from voicemail. You can share your story by:

Your street harassment stories: “…I felt pinned between him and the wall of the building…”

29 Jun

6/24/12, Broadway and Stone, Tucson AZ:

“I was walking back to my car from an event at the TCC when a man started to walk next to me down Stone toward Broadway.  At first he just said hi and asked what I was doing downtown, but then his conversation switched to me performing sexual acts on him.  When I told him to back off he got confrontational and started calling me obscene names.  He positioned himself closer to me as we walked and I felt pinned between him and the wall of the building I was walking past.  I picked up my pace and quickly crossed the street before him to create space between us.  As I continued to walk away, I could hear him yelling out to me.”

– Queer-identified female, 30.


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