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Help Fund Stop Street Harassment for 2017

24 May

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With RAINN and Defend Yourself, we’re launching a national 24/7 hotline in July 2016. With your support, we can help more people per month.


If you’ve been persistently harassed, followed, or groped, would it help to talk to someone about itĀ  — at any time of day or night? To find out your rights? To learn about options for dealing with it?

If so, you’re in luck. In July 2016 we are partnering with the Rape, Abuse & Inceset National Network (RAINN) and Defend Yourself to launch the first-ever National Street Harassment Hotline.

We have the funds to set up the PHONE hotline in ENGLISH, but if we raise more , we can also offer a ONLINE hotline (via secure instant messenger) and SPANISH options, as well as more caller time per month.

– $11 funds 15 minutes of call time

Help us reach our goal so we can serve more people.

Stalked / followed in Don Pedros’ parking lot (off Ajo and close to I-10)

19 Dec

I left work and headed to Don Pedros’ Restaurant. Once I arrived, a large group of vehicles pulled into the parking lot behind me. I stayed in my car waiting for my friend to arrive, parked so I could observe. Most of the vehicles parked but no one got out. Several of the vehicles drove around and around in circles. From one vehicle, two men got out and one stood within uncomfortable proximity to my car. You should know he parked two spots over so where he chose to stand and make his phone call was…well, odd. I got a nice picture of him and started video taping with my cell phone. One truck pulled up directly in front of me and turned his brights on. A police car actually drove through the parking lot at one point. Did I flag them down? No, why bother? It’s organized, adult bullying at it’s best. My friend pulled up and got a few license plates. I call them my caravan of crazies which he’s been witness to before. Other friends have witnessed it, but it doesn’t seem to discourage their behavior to have another person present. I know it sounds bizarre, but this sort of thing happens most days. It’s been going on for months, but I’m starting to get used to it. Our society has become completely desensitized to human suffering.


End of Bullying Task Force Members

26 Sep

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