Anti-Discrimination and Posts Policy

The goal of Safe Streets is to give voice to people experiencing harassment, provide resources and support, collect data, and provide a place to appropriately call out sexual and gender-based violence.

Safe Streets is not about:

  • perpetrating more/other forms of violence or bias-based harassment, such as racism, classism, ageism, or sexism
  • discriminating against individuals who choose to share their stories
  • Victim or survivor blaming
  • Using violence, violent attitudes, or threats of violence to address or respond to harassment

All stories and blog post comments will be reviewed for content and appropriateness, and may be edited or screened for confidentiality and adherence to the goals of the program. If you share your story, it will only be made public on the blog if you choose the “Share it” option on the submission form. Otherwise, the information that you share will be used for data collection and incident mapping purposes only. All of your information will be anonymous, unless you choose to have an agency contact you for follow-up.

The postings on this site belong to the individuals that post them and do not necessarily represent the positions, opinions, or policies of SACASA, AzCA, the Alliance Fund, or their affiliates.

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