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Street Harassment is illegal in AZ

15 Oct

Did you know that harassment is illegal? We’ve paraphrased the law, and given you the statute in case you want to look it up:
ARS 13-2921: Contacts anyone (verbally, written, or electronically) in a manner that harasses; follows someone around after being asked to stop; or commits a harassing act. The statute defines “harassment” as actions that would alarm or annoy a reasonable person, and are directed at a specific person.
Other statutes prohibit threats and intimidation that a person will be physically hurt (13-1202) and touching someone with the intent of injuring, insulting, or provoking them (13-1203, Assault)

“He asked if he could take me somewhere”

30 Aug

 8/18/12, 8pm, Stone and 17th, Tucson AZ: “I was walking home from downtown when a car honked at me as it passed and the driver called out the window. I made a gesture as he went past (I wanted to flip him off, but I had something in my hand). he made an abrupt u-turn and pulled up next to me and asked if he could take me somewhere. I was so angry and freaked, I just yelled “fuck off! fuck off!” at him. Luckily he drove away in the opposite direction. It spooked me because I live alone; what if he had decided to follow me, or threaten me? This kind of thing happens all the time in this neighborhood. The night before I was walking down 6th and was catcalled from a car speeding by. If I’m walking or on my bike, I get unsolicited comments from men all the time. I’ve seen it happen to other girls often too.” –Emily, 30

Your Street Harassment Stories: “Why don’t you come over here?”

30 Aug

8/17/12, 9:15am, Circle K at Speedway and 6th, Tucson AZ: “I was pumping gas in my car when a guy in a big black SUV pulls up, leans out his window and yells “Hey! What’s your name, baby?” I told him to fuck off, and he kept bothering me and said, “Fuck off’s not a name – what’s your name? Why don’t you come over here?” I took a photo of his license plate and told him I would call the cops if he was still there when I came out of Circle K. I told him to fuck off again really loudly and he called me a Fat Bitch. His license plate is: New York, FRY 2336. He left right away and didn’t even get gas.” — Elizabeth

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