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“He asked if he could take me somewhere”

30 Aug

¬†8/18/12, 8pm, Stone and 17th, Tucson AZ: “I was walking home from downtown when a car honked at me as it passed and the driver called out the window. I made a gesture as he went past (I wanted to flip him off, but I had something in my hand). he made an abrupt u-turn and pulled up next to me and asked if he could take me somewhere. I was so angry and freaked, I just yelled “fuck off! fuck off!” at him. Luckily he drove away in the opposite direction. It spooked me because I live alone; what if he had decided to follow me, or threaten me? This kind of thing happens all the time in this neighborhood. The night before I was walking down 6th and was catcalled from a car speeding by. If I’m walking or on my bike, I get unsolicited comments from men all the time. I’ve seen it happen to other girls often too.” –Emily, 30

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