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17 Jun

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Your Street Harassment Stories: “I still said no…” “he grabbed me by the arm…” “cat called everyday”

13 Jun

April 12, around 3pm
22nd and Craycroft, Tucson AZ
“I was walking home from school and a grown man asked me if I wanted a ride home, I said No. He drove around the corner and came back where I was and asked me again and I still said no.”  – Female, 16

2010, 7pm
“I was walking & this old guy on his bike was cat calling on me. I ignored him but I heard his bike get closer & before I knew it, he grabbed me by the arm. I got him to let go & I ran to the 1st house I saw & started knocking & he rode down the street.” – 16, Female

Everyday, everywhere I walk (Grant and Swan), Tucson AZ

“I get cat called and whistled at everday. I walk to the bus stop everyday and I get honked at and whistled at and sometimes even followed.” – 16, Female.

From Jezebel: “Guys Explain The Common Cat Call”

30 Jan

When we read this, we just had to share it: from Jezebel.

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