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It made me feel uncomfortable and self-conscious

13 Jun

As I was walking home from work, within the amount of time it took me to walk this block several male drivers from separate vehicles started honking at me, whistling, and sticking their heads out the window while yelling sexual comments. It didn’t make me feel complimented–it made me feel uncomfortable and self-conscious.  (Location: Speedway between Euclid and Park; reported by 23 year old female)



The report is in, and street harassment’s out!

6 Jun

The report with an international retort to street harassment! Suffice it to say, communities around the world are calling for an end to street harassment

Check out the overview of the FIRST International Anti-Street Harassment Week, March 18-24 2012. Read about activities and intiatives that took place in over 18 countries in cities around the world. Many of these projects continue to take place and gather momentum as communities come together to end street harassment.

Safe Streets AZ is featured on pages 86-87 along with other, amazing USA-based movements.

Thanks to our Tucson community for getting involved, and to Stop Street Harassment for organizing this monumental collaboration.

But what about…? How do I…?

7 Feb

Send us your questions about street harassment! Want to know more about local laws? How about the multiple impacts of being transgender and experiencing harassment? What’s the best way to intervene if you see a stranger being harassed, anyway? Send your questions to safestreetsaz@gmail.com or leave a comment.

We will pick one a week, and ask multiple community members and experts on that topic to respond!

As always, you can also share your story and experiences here.

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