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“I would NEVER do this street harassment to anyone”

18 Jun

 We received this submission from a 15-year-old male from Tucson, AZ, and we knew we had 
 to share it.

  He thought it important enough –and we agree!– to publically share his view of street 
  harassment, and his commitment to “NEVER” do it to anyone.

 The background (added by Safe Streets AZ) is a street in downtown Tucson, Arizona. We hope that all community members will join him in saying, “I will NEVER harass anyone on the street,” and in recognizing that no one asks for or deserves to be harassed.

Thank you, and please send in more of your thoughts/perspectives, and guest blogs to safestreetsaz@gmail.com


Your Street Harassment Stories: “I still said no…” “he grabbed me by the arm…” “cat called everyday”

13 Jun

April 12, around 3pm
22nd and Craycroft, Tucson AZ
“I was walking home from school and a grown man asked me if I wanted a ride home, I said No. He drove around the corner and came back where I was and asked me again and I still said no.”  – Female, 16

2010, 7pm
“I was walking & this old guy on his bike was cat calling on me. I ignored him but I heard his bike get closer & before I knew it, he grabbed me by the arm. I got him to let go & I ran to the 1st house I saw & started knocking & he rode down the street.” – 16, Female

Everyday, everywhere I walk (Grant and Swan), Tucson AZ

“I get cat called and whistled at everday. I walk to the bus stop everyday and I get honked at and whistled at and sometimes even followed.” – 16, Female.

“walking down the street to the store” – Street harassment stories

25 May

“I was walking down the street to the store and a car had slowed to match my walking pace, and started saying lewd things they wanted to do to me, and drove away.”
– Female, 19

Date: 5/12/12, 2pm
Location: Benson Hwy and Country Club

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