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Are you a local business owner who wants to make our community safer for youth?
“Safe Sites” are local businesses and organizations where youth who are currently experiencing harassment can go to receive resources and temporary safety. Participating businesses and organizations help make our neighborhoods and communities safer, and Safe Streets AZ provides all materials and support.

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4 Responses to “Get Involved”

  1. Ignacio July 5, 2012 at 4:08 AM #

    OK I’m not making exscues for morons who attack women or anything but don’t women have a certain responsibility to not lead guys on? If her skirt is waaaay up to there and her top leaves nothing to my imagination then she’s definitely putting a sexual message out there she’s got to be very naive not to know that. Don’t you think?

    • Kat July 13, 2012 at 5:09 PM #

      So you’re saying that people have the right to yell really graphic things at women, and grab and grope them whenever they feel like it, and follow and harass them when they wear…what exactly? Hot pants and a tank top? Jeans and a sweater? Work clothes and a pair of slacks?
      And who gets to decide what clothes ‘justify’ harassing and humiliating strangers – you? Me?
      What you don’t seem to realize is that women and girls are harassed (explicitly, repeatedly, graphically) from a VERY young age, and are harassed while they are wearing all kinds of clothing. Someone’s clothing doesn’t cause them to be harassed any more than it can protect them from being harassed by other people who think they have that right.
      On a personal level, why would you want to defend street harassment or people who harass other people?
      I can’t think of any situation where it would be ok to yell names out of a car window at someone, or try to grab or touch them without asking. I am a moral human being, and I know that harassing people because I can, or because I want to make fun of them, or because there’s nothing they can do about it, or because for some twisted reason I think it’s funny/think I have the right to, is messed up.

  2. liz July 18, 2012 at 3:17 PM #

    Regardless of whether someone is sending a sexual message, the definition of harrassment is at its core interaction that is unwanted and intimidating. Harrassment can’t be for consensual sexual advances or it couldn’t be harrassment. Sexual harrassment is merely using sex as a weapon. For example, when people do things like honking at a passing woman, it can’t be for any other reason than to intimidate. If it was that they thought the woman wanted advances, they wouldn’t do it
    out a moving car where the woman can’t even respond. Harrassment is usually like this. Done in a way to intimidate that wouldn’t result in any sort of date or hookup. Another thing is… what is the definition of clothing sending a sexual message? Some women wear alot of tank tops because they’re cool and comfortable. How you look in them depends on your body type. Is a woman supposed to edit her clothing because she was born differently? Should a woman be uncomfortable or buy new clothes because others think its sexual? End point is no one has a right to give intimidating attention to someone and such attention is done for power, not to gain a sexual partner.


  1. Anonymous - January 6, 2012

    […] Get Involved […]

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